The Right Stuff: What’s in YOUR Portfolio?

Presented at Tech Jobs LA at Blankspaces, July 21, 2012

The growth of the Web and proliferation of mobile devices has created a huge opportunity for people who can design the look and behavior of digital products. This work spans single-person-single-device interactions through experiences that include multiple people, devices and locations. User Experience Designer (UXD), Interaction Designer (IxD), Information Architect (IA), Web Designer (WD)–whichever way you pitch your skill-set, this is truly a GREAT time be working in our field.

But–How do you get that elusive interview? What if you’re just starting out, or changing fields? How do you showcase your talents succinctly and persuasively? What do recruiters and hiring managers look for in a great portfolio? In this presentation, Chris Chandler and I share our thoughts about how to create a UX portfolio that best showcases your ability and helps capture the elusive interview.

There’s also video available on Vimeo. Part 1, Part 2