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I believe that interaction design is fundamentally an act of making. Through diligent focus on the right problems in the right way, we can produce products and services that are pleasurable to the people who experience them, and generate loyalty and success for our endeavors.

A fluent practitioner of interaction design must have facility with the material we work with (digital products) understand the nature of businesses large and small and have a deep insight about people as collaborators and audiences for our work. We come to this field through a variety of paths, and hone our skills through practice, study, and conversation with our peers. I’ve created The Apprentice Path as a place for conversation about how we learn and teach each other our craft.

I updates this blog when the mood strikes me. You can also find more of my writings on Cooper JournalCarbon Emitter, and Philosophie is Thinking.

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Lane Halley
twitter: @thinknow