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Programming for Non-Programmers

My notes from “Programming for Non-Programmers” at General Assembly Santa Monica (@GA_LA) March 2-3, 2013 [View the story “Programming for Non-Programmers” on Storify]

Unicorn Panel at SxSW

At the most recent Balanced Team event in Chicago we had a lot of conversation about how teams work together to cover UX/Dev and visual design skills with small groups of generalists. Jonathan Berger, Courtney Hemphill, Brittney Hunter and I put together a SxSW proposal to talk about our experiences. The panel is called “Unicorn […]

We, the makers

Recently I’ve heard a lot of frustration from UX people (Interaction Designers and Information Architects too) who feel their expertise is not recognized or appreciated. They feel they don’t have a seat at the table. They complain that product managers talk to customers and determine what features are built while designers have to beg for […]