It’s Our Research

I’m pleased and honored that Tomer Sharon @tsharon asked me to participate in his video project in support of his new book “It’s Our Research.” In this short video, we interview each other about the following topics:

  • (00:24) How can we covert traditional research techniques to be more quick, visual, collaborative and continuous?
  • (03:12) Is it harder to get permission for generative or evaluative research?
  • (06:24) How do entrepreneurs change when they understand and implement design thinking and research?
  • (08.49) How can teams get to “difficult” users (non consumer/specialists like doctors, brokers)
  • (12:50) Some UX practitioners feel threatened when non-UX people get involved, what’s your take on this?
  • (15:06) What do you do if you are forbidden by your organization to talk to users?


Take a little time and enjoy the series. You can also watch interviews with Eric Ries, Seth Godin, Jared Spool, Johanna Kollman and Janice Fraser.