Daily dose of inspiration

This video is via 99% – Insights on Making Design Happen. Thanks Zaid for sharing this with me!

Michael Bierut (Pentagram) shares lessons illustrated with examples from his work

Design is more about problem solving than creativity
“I’m a doctor, I can’t practice medicine on myself, I need patients, the sicker the better.”

Embrace the obvious
Cover for Tibor monograph is his face and his name. Simple.

The solution is in the problem
Working within the constraints results in this interesting work for the NY Times exterior signage.

Indulge your obsessions
Tasty typography for the Museum of Arts and Design.

Love is the answer!
“If you do what you love, and you find other people who do what they love, you’ll be successful, you’ll do great work…you’ll make money…you could even become famous…I promose you’ll be happy.”