Book List

Even in this digital age, there’s something about the printed word that gives it gravity and authority. The availability of e-books and audio books have done nothing to reduce my consumption of paper books. I collect them all and they all have their place in my life.

I believe in the power of publication. The long, painful process of having an idea, validating it with an audience, elaborating it through 100 or more pages, having it peer-reviewed and putting it out there in the world refines our thinking in a way that snippets in social posts or casual writing on blogs doesn’t match. As an author, there’s nothing quite like seeing words you wrote bound and stacked up on a table at a conference, or in the hands of someone you don’t know on an airplane or in the subway.

As of yet, I’ve not been inspired to create my own book, but I love the process and help out where I can. As a thought-partner and developmental editor for authors as they develop their themes, and technical reviewer for book publishers, I am proud to have left my own small fingerprints on some important books of our generation.

Books I’ve been a part of

UX Strategy: How to Devise Innovative Digital Products that People Want

“Big thanks go to Lane Halley, my “Number 1″ UX Guru and Lean Startup Queen, who has been my sounding board for this project since the first time it was presented as a lecture in Los Angeles.” — Jaime Levy

Lean UX

“Special thanks go to Lane Halley, who is one of the most gifted practitioners I’ve ever met and a dear friend. Whenever I am confused, I ask myself “What would Lane do?” and I usually find a way forward.” — Josh Seiden

I wrote the Knowsy case study section on pages 102-105 (1st edition) and 129-133 (2nd edition).


I worked at Cooper during the time these three seminal interaction design textbooks were written and re-released in multiple editions. I’m honored to have worked on many of the case studies mentioned and have my contributions acknowledged in these books.

Authors, please contact me if you’d like to discuss collaboration on your writing project.

Technical Review

I also have evaluated book proposals and reviewed manuscripts for Focal Press, Morgan Kaufmann, O’Reilly Media, Rosenfeld Media and the Harvard Business Review.

Editors, please contact me if you’d like me to review a book proposal or manuscript.