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A UX Practitioner’s Reading List

  Are you a UX practitioner? Are you ready to deepen your knowledge? Here’s a list of books to inspire you to branch out and read something outside your usual comfort zone. Some classics, some new titles, all worth reading!

My favorite hand-drawing resources

I’m on a quest to be better at hand-drawn visual communication. I think of the subject as “chunks” I need to master: Communicating abstract concepts visually Hand lettering People and objects in context UI sketching Here are some resources I’ve found fun/memorable/useful. Several of them cover more than one of the areas of mastery I […]

Free resources to hone your design skills

If 2013 was the year of code, let’s make 2014 the year of design. Here is a list of free resources that can help you develop and improve your design skills, delivered right to your inbox! Hack Design HackDesign is “An easy to follow design course for people who do amazing things.” Sign up to […]

Top books from 2013

When Media Contour asked me to contribute to a year-end wrap up of favorite books, I was happy to participate. I’ve re-posted my selection below. You can check out the full post here which also includes lists from fellow Cooperista Chris Noessel and LA friends Kai Gradert and Jod Kaftan. Q: What are you currently […]

Getting ready for LSM

I’m attending Lean Startup Machine this weekend. Participants were selected via application. At the event we’ll pitch ideas and form small teams of people with business, tech and design skills. (Hooray for cross-functional and collaborative teams!) We’ll learn Lean Startup methods by doing customer discovery and making things together. The program runs Friday night through […]

Maturing a Practice

My review of the paper Hobbs, J., Fenn, T., & Resmini, A. (2010). Maturing a Practice. Journal of Information Architecture. Vol. 2, No. 1. [Available at]

Advertising and brief-based training

The advertising field seems to have caught onto the idea of brief-based training. I’ve been looking into the programs at the School of Communication Arts and the Shillington School.

The longest journey begins with a single step

Welcome to The Apprentice Path. I created this space to write about my journey as a student and teacher in the world of digital product design. Please join the conversation!