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Update: Combining UX and Development Stories

About a year ago I wrote a post “Combining Design and Development Stories in Tracker” for the Carbon Five blog. In that post, I describe my experience writing separate UX and development stories in one backlog. Recently, a few people have approached me to ask my current thoughts on the topic. Do I recommend Tracker […]

Agile & UX Together at UX Week 2013

At UX Week in San Francisco I spoke about “Agile & UX: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together.” Many UX designers are introduced to Agile as a set of practices (standups, sprints, backlogs, retrospectives). At the core, agile is based on a set of values. By considering and connecting with these agile values, UX […]

“Knowsy iPad Game Case Study”

I had the great pleasure of attending LeanCamp NYC at General Assembly, February 18, 2012. I met a bunch of great people and shared this case study about Knowsy, a project I did with the Innovation Games Company in Mt. View Ca. Knowsy iPad Game Case Study View more presentations from Lane Halley