Workshop: How to Draw Quick, Useful, UI Sketches

OPODZ, Los Angeles, September 18, 2013

Quick, Useful, UI Sketches

In this fun, hands-on workshop, I’ll lead you through a series of exercises which help you learn to draw good-looking, quick, useful, user interface (UI) sketches.

This class will cover:

  • Types of sketches
  • Why sketch?
  • Sketching materials
  • Grids, containers and functional groupings
  • Developing your personal UI shorthand

This workshop is appropriate for designers, product managers, Web developers, software engineers or anyone else who needs to think about or communicate concepts for digital products. No prior artistic or drawing experience necessary. If you can draw a circle, a square and a triangle, you’ve already got the basics covered!

Learning how to quickly sketch screen layouts and UI elements helps you think through design problems, communicate ideas to other people, collaborate, and reduce the need for pixel-perfect deliverables. Join me for this two-hour workshop and pick up some new skills you can use right away in your own projects.