Why You Should Attend LSM

I first attended Lean Startup Machine in April 2011 as a participant. I quickly became an advisor and mentor because I believe the biggest challenge in our industry isn’t making software products work, it’s making products people want. Lean Startup is an important trend and User Experience (UX) professionals have a lot to offer the movement. We have a large toolkit of methods to help figure out what people want and craft those ideas into compelling products. Our challenge is adapting the way we work to be more quick, visual, collaborative and continuous to blend with modern entrepreneurial practices.

LSM Photos

Unlike other hackathons which focus on technology and what you’re able to build in a short time, winners at Lean Startup Machine are judged solely on the amount of validation achieved through applying the Lean Startup process. This means you don’t have to write a line of code to participate.

If you have experience with user research, usability testing, design strategy, product design, graphic design or any other design or UX role in a freelance, agency or in-house setting, we welcome your participation. As a matter of fact, designers are often the most sought-after team members on Friday night when the teams form up.

Another benefit of the weekend is that you’ll work as part of a diverse team of people with different backgrounds and skills. In addition to the education and mentoring in Lean Startup Customer Validation that are part of the program, you’ll also learn ways to work more quickly and collaborate effectively in teams by focusing on evidence rather than opinion.

For more information, please check out the Lean Startup Machine FAQ