Agile game development event Oct 26

Just heard about an interesting event from my friend Clinton Keith (author of “Agile Game Development with SCRUM.”) This sounds like a great opportunity to bring together product managers, developers and designers to discuss how we can encourage creative collaboration.

“On Wednesday, October 26th, the IGDA will be hosting the first agile game development gathering at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, LAX, the day before the start of the IGDA Leadership Forum.  The gathering will bring together game developers who have been applying agile and lean practices (including Scrum, Kanban and XP) to share their successes and failures of applying agile to their projects and advance the art of agile game development.  Rather than a series of presentations, the gathering will use Open Space Technology to support a self-organizing agenda.”

Registration costs $149 here.  For more information, please contact Clinton Keith.